Meet the Different Types of Proxy Servers You Can Use

different proxy for each tab

When using the internet, we want to make sure that what we are accessing won’t see any of our data. It’s one way to ensure that your personal information is secure. Aside from that, employers are also looking for a way to increase the productivity of their employees by controlling their internet access. The same goes for parents who want to make sure their kids are not opening unacceptable websites that are not safe for their age. In times like these, a proxy server is a very useful tool you can utilize in any of these scenarios.

Currently, there are four types of web proxy servers you can choose from. Of course, you need to choose which kind of proxy server to use depending on your purpose. You can even open a different proxy for each tab! So here are the four kinds of servers you can choose from.

Why You Should Use a Proxy Website

The Transparent Proxy Server

The transparent proxy server doesn’t function like any normal proxy server. That’s because it will tell a website that it’s a proxy server, and it won’t shield your IP address. Instead, it will pass your IP address to the website. This type of proxy server is perfect for organizations that want to filter content, such as schools, government agencies, and libraries.

Anonymous Proxy Server

An anonymous proxy server, just like the transparent proxy server, will tell a website that it’s a proxy. But it won’t give the website your IP address. Thus, it keeps all of your data private, which will protect you from identity theft and so much more. Aside from that, it prevents these websites from sending you any targeted marketing content.

The Distorting Proxy Server

The most complex of them all, a distorting proxy server will identify itself as a proxy server. But it won’t give the website your IP address. Instead, it will send in a false IP address. It’s also like an anonymous proxy server, but it will make the website think that you’re in a different location than where you’re really located. It further obscures your identity.

The Transparent Proxy Server

High Anonymity Proxy Servers

If you’re looking for 100% security, then the best choice is a high anonymity proxy server. These kinds of servers periodically change the IP address they send to the websites, so the websites can’t keep track of their incoming traffic. It’s the most private type of proxy server.

Final Thoughts

Proxy servers come in different kinds, and it’s best if you know the type of proxy site that you want to use. If you’re looking for the most secure and safest, then the High Anonymity servers are the best choice. Overall, the type of proxy server depends on your needs and wants.