Tips In Picking the Best Instant Coffee To Drink

Wonders of Instant Coffee

Knowing the basics of picking the best instant coffee can indeed make a huge difference. Coffee professionals know the best to buy, but this can still be a challenge for regular drinkers. For sure, you have already tried different kinds of instant coffee, but knowing what is the best instant coffee is essential.

You can experiment, but it would be best to have a couple of options in front of you that you can compare. Of course, you need to know the elements that you need to consider. And that is what you will learn from this article.

How Instant Coffee is Made

Aroma vs. Fragrance

The ‘aroma’ of instant coffee is the smell of it once it’s mixed with water. On the other hand, the ‘fragrance’ is the scent of the coffee grounds before it’s prepared. The aroma is crucial when picking an instant coffee. You have to remember that instant coffee’s aroma and fragrance are good indicators of its quality.

Flavor or Taste

Another factor to consider would be the taste or flavor of the coffee. This includes plenty of elements – aroma, bitterness, body, acidity, sweetness, as well as the aftertaste. If it tastes one-dimensional or “flat,” it indicates poor processing or storage of the utilized beans. There are many coffee flavors these days. Some even have chocolate, spices, berries, flowers, and other fruits.


The mouthfeel or the coffee body is also essential to consider. This is simply the weight of the coffee in your mouth as soon as you take a sip from your cup. When it’s about the mouthfeel, you are talking about its overall thickness or heaviness. It is the feeling of how the coffee coats your tongue due to its oils, fats, and sediments.

Instant Coffee Consumption

Bitterness and Sweetness

Another element of coffee is its sweetness or bitterness. Some people like their coffee sweet, while others want it to be as bitter as possible. However, too much of any is not good. You want your coffee to be in between these flavors. Traditional instant coffees are naturally bitter, especially when they are made from Robusta beans. But if you choose those made of Arabica beans, they are not bitter at all.

These are just some of the many elements that you should consider when comparing instant coffee. Sometimes, you want to be brave and try something new to drink every morning. So why not check out other instant coffees in the market? If you want to read reviews and other coffee buying guides, you can always visit My Virtual Coffeehouse online.