Dilemma of Likes- Is There A Need To Buy Instagram Likes?

Posted a picture? A whole day wasted in checking Instagram likes, comments, and direct message replies to posts. Can you resist the temptation to not check you’re mobile once in a while after posting pictures…come on accepting it, neither can I. How many Instagram likes I get on my post and how many followers I have is the topic of a good gossip for many, a free and interesting way to brag of popularity and worth.

We hate to admit it but what we all seek unknowingly is others’ approval of us. ‘What others think of me is what I am’. Of course it’s not the truth. Yeah you guessed it correct, low self-esteem it is. The young generation today spends more time portraying a perfect picture of themselves and their lives, who they aren’t instead of finding who they really are and how they can improve upon themselves. They also look for best place to buy Instagram likes and suit their needs. The result is low productivity and lack of satisfaction. Nobody has to prove to anybody of who they really are, as eventually how people define you depend on the character and nothing else matters.


Psychology behind Likes

Generally, a person’s self-esteem is satisfied only when he/she receives the approval of others about how good they are. Given an opportunity to share our personal lives with others through social networking, we give them a chance to quantify the worth of our lives and skills through the hearts they give.

Features To Look For In a Good Vendor

  1. Followers within a fixed time span: look for the services which provide a particular number of followers within a number of days. This would give an assurance that the money you spend won’t go to waste.
  2. Money Back Guarantee: It would be great if the vendor is providing with the option to get back the money if the user is not satisfied.

Is There More To Instagram Than Just Instagram Likes?

Instagram, the app that has so deeply embedded itself in the lives of millenials that it can’t be removed even with a pair of tweezers.

Recently Instagram sought to remove the like feature from its handle. If  the company is to be believed, the objective, is to ensure  that people post content freely on Instagram without the pressure of having to get maximum number of likes.