Long-lasting hashish

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Cannabinoids  alter the perception of space – time , causing in some subjects cases of fatigue and loss of the ability to orient. Still, other side effects of hashish can be those attributable to the stimulation of appetite and gastro-hepatic functions in general weed delivery toronto.

The active ingredients contained in hashish also have  sedative  and  narcotic properties,  capable of disinhibiting the nerve pathways connected to the sensation of pain. It is no coincidence that the use of cannabis has also been introduced  in the therapeutic field  and is used for some types of therapy.

Cannabis is then used therapeutically and becomes a pharmaceutical possibility when it is necessary to  relieve pain ,  chronic ailments ,  injuries ,  arthritis ,  fibromyalgia and rheumatic and neuropathic diseases in general .

Usually the product can also be prescribed following physical pain caused by oncological diseases, perhaps following invasive therapies. The reason is quite simple: hashish also has sedative properties and has good antispasmogenic effects.

The ability of the plant to stimulate the sense of hunger finally allows its consumption also to  patients suffering from anorexia : the mechanism that favors the increase of hunger is attributable to the activity of THC. In any case, doctors can usually prescribe this cure on a temporary basis, with a few months of treatment, because the effects of cannabis are often not controllable and because it can easily promote some addictions.

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It should also be taken into consideration – we briefly mentioned it a few lines ago – that the effects of hashish intake are not always the same, and that in any case the abuse leads to an evident addiction, not always easy to manage: stop , in fact, for the patient the resulting effect could be complicated, because the intake of such drugs gradually leads to the condition of  addiction .